Thursday, December 6, 2012

1212.0998 (Matthias Lessel et al.)

Self-assembled silane monolayers: A step-by-step high speed recipe for
high-quality, low energy surfaces

Matthias Lessel, Oliver Bäumchen, Mischa Klos, Hendrik Hähl, Renate Fetzer, Ralf Seemann, Karin Jacobs
Silanization bases on the adsorption, selfassembly and covalent binding of silane molecules onto surfaces, resulting in a densely packed self-assembled monolayer (SAM). Following standard recipes, however, the quality of the monolayer is often variable and therefore unsatisfactory. The process of self-assembly is highly affected by the chemicals involved in the wet-chemical process, by the ambient parameters during preparation such as humidity or temperature and by possibly present contaminants (or impurities). Here, we present a reliable, efficient, and wet-chemical recipe for the preparation of ultra-smooth, highly ordered alkylterminated silane SAMs on Si wafers.
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