Monday, August 5, 2013

1308.0470 (S. Tripura Sundari et al.)

Temperature dependence of dielectric constants in Titanium Nitride    [PDF]

S. Tripura Sundari, R. Ramaseshan, Feby Jose, S. Dash, A. K. Tyagi
The temperature dependence of optical constants of titanium nitride thin ?lm is investigated using spectroscopic ellipsometry between 1.4 to 5 eV in the temperature range 300 K to 650 K in steps of 50 K. The real and imaginary parts of the dielectric functions "1(E) and "2(E) increase marginally with increase in temperature. A Drude Lorentz dielectric analysis based on free electron and oscillator model are carried out to describe the temperature behavior. The parameters of the Lorentz oscillator model also showed that the relaxation time decreased with temperature while the oscillator energies increased. This study shows that owing to marginal change in the refractive index with temperature, titanium nitride can be employed for surface plasmon sensor applications even in environments where rise in temperature is imminent.
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