Monday, July 15, 2013

1307.3274 (J. . F. Justo et al.)

Stability and plasticity of silicon nanowires: the role of wire

J. . F. Justo, R. D. Menezes, L. V. C. Assali
We investigated the properties of stability and plasticity of silicon nanowires using molecular dynamics simulations. We considered nanowires with <100>, <110> and <112> growth directions with several diameters and surface facet configurations. We found that the wire perimeter, and not the wire diameter, is the meaningful dimensional parameter. As a result, the surface facets play a central role on the nanowire energy, that follows a universal scaling law. Additionally, we have computed the response of a silicon nanowire to external load. The results were compared to available experimental and ab initio data.
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