Thursday, July 11, 2013

1307.2744 (D. Dixit et al.)

Spintronic Oscillator Based on Magnetic Field Feedback    [PDF]

D. Dixit, K. Konishi, C. V. Tomy, Y. Suzuki, A. A. Tulapurkar
We present a circuit design of a spintronic oscillator based on magnetic tunnel junction. In this design, a dc current is passed through a magnetic tunnel junction which is connected to a feed-back wire below it. Any fluctuation in the magnetization direction of the free layer of MTJ, drives a fluctuating current through the feed-back wire, which exerts a magnetic field on the free layer. This in turn can amplify the magnetization fluctuations of the free layer. If the dc current passing through the MTJ is more than a critical value, continuous precessing states of the magnetization are possible.
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