Tuesday, July 9, 2013

1307.2197 (Soumen karmakar et al.)

Precise tailoring of layer-numbers of rotationally misoriented few-layer
graphene by cold-thermal-shock induced dynamic fractures

Soumen karmakar, Ashok B. Nawale, Nilesh S. Kanhe, Vasant G. Sathe, Vikas L. Mathe, Sudha V. Bhoraskar
Following the discovery of graphene, keen attentions have been paid in comprehending the noticeably superior electromagnetic, optical and absorptive properties of few layer graphene (FLG) with rotational-stacking-faults. With achieving intense fundamental interests, the demands to synthesize such FLG are rapidly increasing. However, the potential applications of such FLG, especially in composite science and energy storage devices, are practically hindered because of non-fulfillment of required production rate. Additionally, synthesis of such FLG with controlled layer-numbers still remains an unsolved challenge. Further breakthroughs in this direction are thus highly desirable. The present article is a step ahead in this direction and is possibly the first of its kind. Here we show how such FLG, with precisely controlled number of layers, can readily be obtained from an isostatically compacted synthetic graphite, by controlled dynamic fracture, with microbranching instability, induced by cold-thermal-shock, and discovered the mechanism behind such transformation by a theoretical modeling.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1307.2197

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