Friday, July 5, 2013

1307.1261 (T. Kernreiter et al.)

Suppression of Coulomb exchange energy in quasi-two-dimensional hole

T. Kernreiter, M. Governale, R. Winkler, U. Zuelicke
We have calculated the exchange-energy contribution to the total energy of quasi-two-dimensional hole systems realized by a hard-wall quantum-well confinement of valence-band states in typical semiconductors. The magnitude of the exchange energy turns out to be suppressed from the value expected for analogous conduction-band systems whenever the mixing between heavy-hole and light-hole components is strong. Our results are obtained using a very general formalism for calculating the exchange energy of many-particle systems where single-particle states are spinors. We have applied this formalism to obtain analytical results for spin-3/2 hole systems in limiting cases.
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