Monday, December 3, 2012

1211.7226 (Zhaojian He et al.)

Designable hybrid sonic crystals for transportation and division of
acoustic images

Zhaojian He, Ke Deng, Heping Zhao, Xiaochun Li
Conventional sonic crystal (SC) devices designed for acoustic imaging can focus acoustic waves from an input source into only one image but not multi-images. Furthermore the output position of formed image cannot be designed at will. In this paper, we propose the hybrid SC imaging devices to achieve multi-images from one-source-input along with the designable image-positions. The proposed hybrid devices can image acoustic waves radiated both from point source and Gaussian beam, which different from conventional SC imaging devices that only applies to point source. These multi-functional but still simple and easy-to-fabricate devices are believed to find extensive applications, particularly in ultrasonic photography and compact acoustic imaging.
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