Friday, November 30, 2012

0302032 (A. G. Godizov et al.)

On the objective origin of phase transitions and metastability in
many-particle systems

A. G. Godizov, A. A. Godizov
Modern equilibrium statistical mechanics (the major task of which is to link microscopic dynamics to thermodynamical laws for macroscopic quantities) face significant difficulties as applied to description of macroscopic properties of real condensed media within wide thermodynamical ranges, including the points of phase transitions. A particular problem is the absence of metastable states in the Gibbs statistical mechanics of systems composed of finite number of particles. Nevertheless, accordance between equilibrium statistical mechanics and thermodynamics of condensed media can be achieved via introduction of the "enhanced" Hamilton operators of explored many-particle systems, which contain some terms dependent on temperature, and the following construction of the generalized equilibrium distribution over microstates. For illustration of the proposed approach reasonableness (and of its practical promiseness in applications to computing macroscopic characteristics of condensed media), a cell model of melting/crystallization and metastable supercooled liquid for a water-like medium is presented.
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